Glitter Wasteland – „EP1“

– EP Veröffentlichung 1. Juli 2016 –

So komplex und vielschichtig wie Siri Janteys Musik ist auch ihre Herkunft. Ihre Eltern stammen aus Vietnam und Laos bzw. Kambodscha und China. Geboren und aufgewachsen ist Siri in der Millionenmetropole Bangkok.

Ein Kulturschock, der aber wichtig für ihre persönliche Entwicklung war, erfolgte nach dem Umzug in einen kleinen Schweizer Alpenort. Nach weiteren Stationen in den USA und Australien, Tätigkeiten im Bereich Malerei und Modedesign rückte die Musik immer weiter in den Vordergrund.

Ausdrucksstarke Drums, tief und treibende Basslinien, mächtige Ambient-Soundscapes und fesselnde Melodien prägen den Sound von Glitter Wasteland, dem Projekt der jungen Sängerin. Ihre Texte handeln von Geschichten und Erfahrungen in Großstädten wie Bangkok, Los Angeles, New York und Berlin, Städten in den sie zum Teil auch länger gelebt hat. Es ist eine wilde Fahrt durch vier Jahrzehnte der elektronischen Musik - vielseitig und doch einzigartig.

Produziert wurde ihre EP, die auch gleichzeitig ihr Debut ist, vom Schweizer Musiker Timo Loosli, der schon für IAMX gearbeitet hat und Mitglied der Industrial Pop Projekte We Love Machines und Faux Tales ist.

Beeinflusst von Künstlern wie Sia, James Blake, Aphex Twin und Massive Attack klingt Glitter Wasteland nach Pop und Industrial, Wall of Sound und EBM zugleich.

Zerbrechlich und doch hart. Nach Vergleichen sucht man hier vergeblich. Insbesondere der Titel „Cold War“ überzeugt durch seine catchy Hooklines, die klaren und mächtigen Drumsounds sowie Synthesizer Arrangements die an die tragisch-traurigen Songs von Wolfsheim und VNV Nation erinnern.

Siris Gesang besticht durch ihre klare Zartheit und Poesie wodurch „Cold War“ fast zu einer Hymne erhoben wird.

Live wird Glitter Wasteland von einem kreativen Kollektiv von Musikern und hypnotischen Visuals begleitet. Man darf gespannt sein auf das Debut-Album an dem Siri bereits im Studio arbeitet.

* * *


Where do you come from?

My background is quite complex. My dad's family is originally from China/Vietnam, my mother's family from Laos/Cambodia. But it's getting more complicated: I was born and raised in Thailand till the age of 10. And life wasn't always that easy back then. After that I moved with my mother to Switzerland, actually to a small village in the alps. Which was a cultural shock at first, I felt like an alien - but it became an important part of my personal development, too. Later on, I spent almost a year in Australia and stayed again in Asia but also in the USA (New York and Los Angeles). So I'm kind of a cocktail of quite some different flavours. Sometimes I even don't know where I'm coming from. But all this made me to the person I am now.

What is the meaning of the band name?  

It's about contrasts, antipodes, extremes. Both sides of the same coin called life in all its beautiful and ugly facets. One can't be without the other. The stage, the bright part, and the scene behind the curtain. I like to bring both sides together in my moments of creativity. It also means freedom. Be glamorous if you like, but don't follow the rules of society and fashion if you know deep within that these rules aren't right for you.

Why did you chose it?

Because this is me.

Since when do you make music?

Music was always an important part of my life. From the very beginning of my memories, I remember moments of music, always connected to all kind of situations and moods. But it took me quite some time to discover that I actually need to express myself through music. I did painting and I did fashion design before I started writing music.

What were your musical influences?

Not only music can influence me, but also art in general, nature or even the noise and complexitiy of a metropolis like Bangkok, Berlin or New York. When it comes to different styles, I'm totally open. There can be beauty in all kinds of music - pop, electronica, folk, industrial, soul/rnb - as long as the emotions are real.

How do you develop your lyrics?

The fantastic thing about music is that great things are happening when you stop thinking. Once I'm in this state of being, the melodies just fall into my mind and the words flow like honey.

Which other genres would you also be intersted?

As mentioned before, I don't restrict myself to certain genres of music - not even genres of art. Sure I will do music as long as I live. But even on this first EP you can hear many different influences and my style is developing. So be prepared for some surprises.

What can we expect on your album?

EP1 is just a start. I'm working heavily on the album, so many songs are work in progress, I got so many ideas I'm following. If you're searching for the red thread in all my work, then it's the expression Glitter Wasteland.

Did you experience any of the stories yourself you write about in your lyrics?

This is the question every writer is confronted with. And nobody likes to answer this question. The answer is yes and no at the same time. Maybe it was happening to me exactly like I wrote it. Maybe it happened to a friend. Maybe it's just an intellectual game, or a secret wish. The very moment you write about something you make this a part of your life, of your being. And by doing so it can be almost real, too.

Who were your musical idols?

There are too many to mention. I once mentioned the following artists in an interview and dropped some lines about them:

  1. Sia | Breathe Me
    I feel so numb and breakable every time when I hear this song, and the end blows me away.
  2. Marvin Gaye | Sexual Healing
    The title says everything. It's such a perfect song, everything is perfect, from the very first hit of the 808 drums until the last breathing sound.
  3. James Blake | Limit To Your Love (Feist's 'The Limit To Your Love' Cover)
    I love how he performs this song which was originally written by Lesley Feistand Gonzales, so fragile and soulful. And the break where this drone sub bass hits in - that very second my heart stops beating just to hear this part.
  4. Massive Attack | Teardrop (with Elizabeth Fraser)
    It feels almost like an angel is singing this beautiful line.
  5. The Verve | Bitter Sweet Symphony
    Sometimes I feel like Richard Ashcroft walking the streets.
  6. Aphex Twin | Windowlicker
    Another song with an incredible video clip by Chris Cunningham. Ingenious, song and clip. So funny and far out.
  7. Sade | By Your Side
    This is one of my secret moment kinda song. It makes me feel very sad when I'm listening to it and it makes me think about my childhood.
  8. Erik Satie | Gymnopédie No.1
    The Gymnopédies piano pieces are so simple, almost Minimal, but every single note is just perfect. Listening to these pieces I instantly fall into another state of mind.
  9. LL Cool J | Doin' It
    This is damn sexy. If you don't like this song, then something's wrong with you.
  10. Aaliyah | Try Again (with Timbaland)
    So wicked. One of the best vocal arrangements, style-wise. And the production of Timbaland was ahead of time.

What would you do today if you weren’t a musician?

Fashion, art, design. But actually I'm also a passionate cook, so sooner or later I will be opening a little restaurant! And the funny thing: I'm also very good with figures. This must come from my Chinese genes. So once it's not working with music I might also work in finance, haha.

What was your plans for the future

Right now, I'm just excited about the release of my first EP, finishing the album, playing live, new collaborations with other artists, traveling, enjoying life.

* * *


1. Don’t Let It Go
2. Cold War
3. Darkskies
4. Rise And Fall
5. Open Space
6. Don’t Let It Go (IAMX Remix)
7. Cold War (Popshop Remix)


Artist:Glitter Wasteland
Titel: "EP1"
EP Release Date:1. Juli 2016
Single:"Cold War" (Release Date: 3. Juni 2016)
Label:61Seconds Records